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The following are Arbor Vitae’s massage therapy policies and procedures. Please review them before your session.


Arrival to Your Massage

Please arrive 15 minutes early to your first appointment. This allows time to fill out a new client form and discuss your treatment plan with your therapist. If you are a returning client, please arrive a few minutes early so that your experience can be relaxed and unhurried.


Cancellation and Late Arrival Policy

Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Failure to cancel within 24 hours multiple times will result in the client being asked to pre-pay for future services.

Unfortunately, I cannot extend sessions for clients who arrive late. You may opt to receive the remainder of your appointment, but the full price of the therapy will be charged.


Scope of Practice

I am licensed in the state of Pennsylvania to provide massage therapy. I am held to the standards provided by the Pennsylvania Board of Massage Therapy and the American Massage Therapy Association. Massage therapists do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. I may recommend seeking diagnosis from y our doctor or refer you to another professional, such as a chiropractor, acupuncturist, or psychologist, if a concern about your health falls outside of my scope of practice.


Personal and Professional Boundaries

During your massage, you will be asked to disrobe to your comfort level. You will be draped for modesty at all times, with only the part of the body being massaged uncovered. The breast and genitalia areas will be covered at all times and never massaged at any time. I will ask permission before working close to those areas, such as in the pectoral muscles or in the gluteal area.

I will be happy to adjust pressure, work longer on a specific area, or avoid massaging any area that you would prefer not be massaged. Your comfort and relaxation is a priority. You may refuse a specific technique and may end your session at any time.

To promote a relaxing environment, it is recommended that you turn off your cell phone for the duration of your massage.

Please avoid wearing strong perfumes or cologne to your session, as these fragrances can linger and cause sensitivities in other clients.

All client paperwork and conversations during the massage session are confidential. Occasionally, massage can bring about an emotional response, such as crying. I strive to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for you to express your feelings during your massage. You may decide whether or not your want to talk during your massage.

Requests for sexual activity or sexual discussion between the therapist and client are inappropriate and will not be tolerated at any time. Sexual solicitation will result in immediate termination of the session, the full fee for the therapy will be charged, and the misconduct may be reported to the police. A client who engages in sexual misconduct will not be rescheduled.


Massage for Minors Under the Age of 18

I welcome young clients and believe children can benefit from massage just as much as adults. In order to provide massage for a client who is a minor, written consent is required from a parent or guardian, and a parent or guardian must accompany the client in the massage room during the entire session.


Medical Conditions

It is the client’s responsibility to inform the therapist about any existing medical conditions or changes in medical conditions or treatments, and to provide written permission from your doctor or other medical professional when a medical condition might be affected by massage therapy.